Friday, 19 July 2013

C is for Comic Con

I know I said over a month ago that I was going to start blogging again, but I have a good excuse as to why I haven't so far... sort of. My computer won't connect to the internet at home for some reason. I know I could just take it to Apollo's house to write them (as I am doing now) but honestly the weather has been so nice I haven't really wanted to sit inside on the computer. But here we go, C date.

Way back in the Easter holidays, me and Apollo went to the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham. That's right! COMIC CON!

Anyone who knows him knows that Apollo is a massive comic book dork. It is safe to say he was very happy when I suggested Comic Con as our C Date. Being a bit of a geek as well, I was really excited about it too. Especially when I found out who was going to be there, but more on that later.

We decided not to dress up, but just to take in the whole thing and dress up next time we went. We did have comic related clothes on though of course. Apollo wore his Mighty Marvel t-shirt, and I wore one that says Batgirl on it. So on the morning of the Saturday, we drove to Birmingham, armed with a camera and plenty of money to spoil ourselves with.

Even just stood in the queue to get into the main building, we saw lots of people dressed up and got gradually more and more excited.

The Stig
Darth Vader
A blurry Batman and Catwoman

Once inside, we didn't really know where to begin. There was so much stuff, so we just wondered around having a quick look at everything so we could decide what to do later on, stopping every so often to take pictures with different superheroes and villains. I think it's best if I just put up a load of pictures.

 It was a really awesome day. We bought ourselves a few goodies too. Strangely enough we didn't buy any comics, but we did get a lightsaber (...yes we are children...), Pokemon badges (...even more so now), a Star Wars origami book, a few photo posters and Apollo got a drawing done of one of the characters in his comic he was writing for his extended project.

There was one other thing that made the day just that little bit extra awesome. A few days before the event, I got a message from Apollo with a link to a list of all the people coming to MCM to do photos and autographs, saying to look at a specific one. He obviously knows me so well, because I then practically screamed with excitement.

Andrew Lee Potts a.k.a Connor from Primeval a.k.a my favourite thing about that show a.k.a my first celebrity crush, was going to be at Comic Con. While I was there. I nearly died. I can't remember why exactly, probably because she is the most awesome person on the planet, but my mum gave me the money to have my picture taken with him.

The way the photos were organised was pretty poor to be honest because there were just too many people crowded into a small space, and all of the sessions overran. So we ended up waiting for ages, but I really didn't care. Because look!!!!!

Best man sandwich I have ever been in. That photo now stands proudly on my desk, and makes me smile whenever I see it.

Basically for the whole day we just wondered round, taking everything in, and getting overly excited about stupid things like Chewbacca hoodies and X-Men figurines and giant inflatable minions. Apollo got very excited by the Yu Gi Oh area, I'm not sure why... All in all it was an absolutely amazing day. I cannot wait for the next one.

Once we had exhausted everything we had an interest in, we decided to head home and stopped off for Chips on the way. Best date ever.

Highlight of the date: Do I really need to post the picture again?

Lowlight of the date: The fact that my favourite X-Man isn't famous enough to get a figurine -.-