Story Cubes

Liberty, Carole and I have formed a Writer's Club of sorts. We meet every week on Tuesday evenings while I am home for the summer to try and get back into writing, or to get better at writing in my case. Each week we roll these dice called story cubes, pick three, then have to write a short story that somehow incorporates all three pictures chosen. I know my mum wants to read what I've written, so I'm going to start posting them and linking them on here. I hope you enjoy :)

PS - the titles are weird because they are the best way I can describe what the pictures were...

1 - A hag, a gingerbread man in a portal, a birdcage
2 - A man jumping off a ledge, a man playing with dolls, a walking stick
3 - A bumble bee, a man dancing, an explody thing
4 - Wibbly face, man digging a hole, crab, gnome with lantern and pickaxe
5 - Man shouting, cave, sheep

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