Monday, 26 November 2012

Monday Maths Madness 19

Monday again. So I still haven't done the post about irrational numbers that I've been planning to do for like, the last month. But! I did at least do a different post. So I'm not completely hopeless. Anyway...

Yep, this basically sums up (no pun intended) maths at Warwick University! It's not all bad. It's just kinda hard. Strangely enough I enjoy it though.

Ok, you can't really see that picture very well... But basically it's more maths love. Big fan of the maths love me.

EDIT: Ok, the last picture I put up I'd already used a couple of weeks ago. Note to self, update my photo folder. So I'll use this one instead! I don't really follow politics, like, at all, so I can't say for sure if this is true... But I imagine it is.

One day, maybe, I will write my blog post on irrational numbers. But I'll probably just be saying the same thing next Monday... so see you then!

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