Sunday, 3 February 2013

2013: Week 5

This week I have been so tired. A mix of staying up too late, having lots of work and rehearsals for Glee left me feeling pretty dead on my feet. I don't really want to talk about the week though. The weekend was much more interesting.

For the first time in 4 weeks, Apollo came for a visit. 4 weeks is probably the longest we've gone without seeing each other, and after practically living together over Christmas, it was really hard. I don't like to be away from my family.

When he got here on Friday, we just slobbed around for the evening, eating pizza and watching TV. We finally got round to watching the other DVD we bought after Christmas when the whole poster fiasco happened.

I really enjoyed it. Lots of explosions, chases, fight scenes and Scarlett Johansson running around with Ewan McGregor. Top film. Even if some of the things they survived were completely ridiculous.

On Saturday we got up early to venture into Coventry to buy a book for Apollo and to go into the comic book store, Forbidden Planet. I love it in there. There are so many cool things that I could just look at all day. Unfortunately they are also quite expensive, but I can still dream. That Lego Millenium Falcon will be mine one day! We did leave with one treat though. We bought a Spiderman Graphic novel. I'm looking forwards to reading it when I get the chance.

After getting some chips for lunch, we spent most of the rest of the day hanging around with Glee, preparing for the performance we had in the One World Week Carnival in the evening. I know it can't have been too much fun for Apollo, just waiting around all day, but I'm really glad that he did because I really enjoyed the performance and I'm happy that he got to meet my fellow Gleeks. This was the first performance where we had proper costumes that weren't just a vague colour scheme. It was awesome. The look we were going for was creepy.

I think we managed it XD I walked round Costcutter looking like that as well. I've never had my hair so big! I felt like I'd fallen out of Grease with my big hair and black clothes. Then someone told me I looked like Bellatrix LeStrange from Harry Potter, and basically made my life. Seriously, of all the Harry Potter characters to look like, Bellatrix LeStrange is an awesome one. It was nice that Apollo got to see us perform as well. I didn't have any solos this time, which would have been nice for the weekend he was here, but I think our songs were cool enough that I didn't mind.

Although the costume was awesome, it was kind of hard to get the make up off. The black eyeliner came off fine, there was just a lot of it, but the gold line was stubborn. In fact the black underneath the gold came off before the gold did. I'm not sure how that works... The hair wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to tame, but it did leave my brush looking rather fabulously sparkly.

We spent the rest of the evening feasting on the magnificent dish of nachos we made, and watching How I Met Your Mother.

They were gooooood.

This morning, Apollo introduced me to a show he watches at home called Britain's Brightest. Weirdly, one of the contestants reminded me of my Differential Equations lecturer from last term. He then watched the Rugby while I got on with my analysis assignment. I surprised myself this time, because normally on Sunday morning, I know that Apollo will be leaving soon and spend most of the day on the brink of tears. This time it wasn't until he said "I'm going to leave after this finishes" that it really hit me. I hate it when he has to go. I cry every single time, today was no exception. He's here for just long enough that I get used to having him around again, and then he has to go. It sucks.

I just have to try to remember that I get to go home next weekend, so I can see him and everyone else again. It's just hard sometimes to not think that a week is a really long time. Because right now it feels like it is.


  1. Your hair is EPIC! XD

  2. I know right! The guy who was in charge of hair said he was most proud of mine XD