Sunday, 17 February 2013

2013: Week 7

I have seriously not slept enough this week. I need an early night. Badly. Things just weren't really going my way.

A message from my sister and a subsequent fight with Apollo meant I spent my Valentine's Day with this:

I've yet to be convinced Valentine's Day is a good day :/

My technology seems to be conking out. I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to put the cooling fan underneath the laptop, but this is the only way I can use mine without it overheating.

And now apparently my iPod speakers only work like this.

I have to wedge a rubber behind my iPod so that the speakers make noise -.-

It's a good job my little sister is so cute. She just got a skype account, and I came online today to find this.

hi            iim      mazy     iis        addy
fancyoo      ivyoocangivmy       a          presunns         fu       my             addy
iluvyoo        masy
xxxxxxxxx     cisis        fuyoo
r     yoo      flng       sad      u         hapy
ivyoo     wonto        cumto           rhauto           r                     haws             hte     intooca
hi mash - its us - mum  and addy - it's lovely to have you if you're at home
you      wil       bnot                    alon       wivyou     iwvyou        iwlbnis
iws      ogr       wen          you             can               bw        you      iws    fun
masy      masy         addy                    addy           is       grat             aevryfing

Now that is pretty good typing for a 4 year old. And apparently she loves me. A lot XD I particularly like the alphabet she wrote out at the end.

Well I'm going to leave it there. I still have half a MATLAB assignment to do *sigh*. Life is hard. Maybe Addy will send me more messages tomorrow :)

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