Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Weekly Targets 6th August - 12th August

After the horror of realising that Sharknado 2 was airing the same time as in America, not when I thought it was, and watching the Shining instead, I accidentally forgot to set myself targets last week. I did however start a new thing with Liberty. She sent me a link to a post in relation to helping my time slippage, which was about this schedule that the person who wrote it sticks to to stay productive. We thought we would try it out.

I let Liberty fill it in today... Basically it is just a laminated schedule that I can write on each day with whiteboard pens. It is quite hard to stick to it exactly at the moment because each day I'm doing something different, but I think it will be really useful when I go back to Uni.

Anyway, this week I managed to go driving a couple of times (scary, I know!) even once on my own today (even more scary!!). I had an awesome time shooting balloon dogs at archery, with the instructors saying that I had advanced technique and joking that I could be the next Danielle Brown. I went to Ford Hall Farm and have sorted out getting some work experience there starting next Monday. I finished the second chapter of the accountancy book. Now onto this week:

1 - Write story cube story 5 (bonus: try and write the one I missed too)
2 - Write types of numbers post
3 - Find more ideas for future types of numbers posts
4 - Go to work experience on Monday with enthusiasm
5 - Come out of work experience on Monday feeling like I have achieved something
6 - Go for a run - hopefully without too much knee pain
7 - Go on an adventure to find an archery store
8 - Read a chapter of a book - any book, I don't read enough
9 - Go through tax returns with the boyfriend's mum
10 - Do my archery exercises everyday

Can you tell I'm getting slightly obsessed with archery?

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