Sunday, 10 August 2014

Weekly Update

So far this week, I have done:

1 - Write story cube story 5 (bonus: try and write the one I missed too)
2 - Write types of numbers post
3 - Find more ideas for future types of numbers posts
4 - Go to work experience on Monday with enthusiasm
5 - Come out of work experience on Monday feeling like I have achieved something
6 - Go for a run - hopefully without too much knee pain
7 - Go on an adventure to find an archery store
8 - Read a chapter of a book - any book, I don't read enough
9 - Go through tax returns with the boyfriend's mum
10 - Do my archery exercises everyday

Well, the story cube is just a draft, but I've written it a lot earlier than I usually do, which is a big improvement on my failure to do it last week. I managed to read a chapter of my Bedside Algebra book and we found the archery store that had been recommended to us. Mum bought me an arm guard and a finger tab as the birthday present she owed me. We didn't get any more than that because the man in the store happens to be coming to the club that we shoot at, so he said he would be able to help me out more after he has seen me shoot. Who knows, maybe this time in a couple of weeks I will have my own bow! I'm not going to lie, that would be awesome.

I have done my archery exercises every day so far, except today, but that's because I did actual archery so I think I can forgive myself for that one. I could definitely tell that the exercises I have been doing are making a difference to my strength. I even almost have a muscle on my right arm!

Tomorrow I start my work experience. I'm quite nervous about it because my brain likes to go into overdrive and over think everything. If I don't know exactly what is supposed to happen, I start to panic. I don't know if I am driving, or if I can get a lift (which I would prefer - one less thing for me to worry about doing). I don't know where to park if I am driving. I asked, but I'm not sure I know which car park they meant. I don't know what it is going to be like working there. I think it is going to be interesting, but until I've actually done it, I am in try-not-to-panic mode. I'm going to write a post about it once I've done a week or so of work, so hopefully then I'll be able to say there was really nothing to panic about!

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