Sunday, 19 April 2015

April and May Challenges

Right now I am sat in the Undergraduate workroom of the maths department, getting ready to do some revision. The boyfriend just dropped me off on campus on his way heading back home ready to go back to his Uni for singing society tonight. On Tuesday I have my first exam.

I think I am just about ready to have a panic attack.

I had a plan this Easter to go over 10 pages of notes per day so that I would have gone over all of the notes by the time my exams started, with a bit of time spare to go over questions and past papers. That didn't sound like much, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't find motivation, or I had a really bad headache that made me just want to sleep all the time. I had the added depression of finding out I can't attend the marathon next weekend, and also have found out I can't run in the 10k in my home town - both things I have been looking forwards to for a year. So my revision wasn't going well.

Since coming back to uni the past two weeks, I have managed to get through the notes to two of my modules, and gone over some of the questions for one of them as well, but I am really worried about these exams. I just want them to be over already, but that's not happening until May 28th, the day of my last exam.

So my challenges for this month and next are to survive these exams. Get through them as well as I can, then on the 28th of May, I will go home and just relax for the first time in ages. I will celebrate with my family and get ready for my birthday. I need things to look forwards to, and they are it. My little brother wants to do a shared birthday party with me, so I can start planning that with him and mum. I am just ready for the stress of these exams to be over. I really cannot wait for May 28th.

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