Sunday, 24 May 2015

6 Things I Love About You

Today is my Anniversary with my boyfriend. We have been together for 6 years, and although it hasn't been an easy ride, especially over this last year, I am excited for what the next 6 years will bring for us. True to his competitive nature, he has already written a lovely post on Facebook, and challenged me to write a better one. So that is what I am attempting.

Just for you, here are my top 6 reasons why I love you.

I'm a part of your family, and you are part of mine: in fact I don't really distinguish between the two anymore. I love our big, crazy family. I love that the little ones think of you as their brother. I love that your sisters think of me as their sister. I love that we can all spend time together as friends as well as family.

You are my best friend you are terrible at telling jokes, but you say stupid things that I can't help but find funny. I love playing random board games and video games with you. I love singing with you. I love slobbing around and watching movies with take out food, pretending like the rest of the world doesn't exist with you. 

You indulge my random wants: even if it means driving to the back end of Coventry to sit on the floor of Maplin for half an hour while I debate which computer toy I want more, and which is better value, and which would I be most likely to actually be able to do. You bought me Benny's Spaceship because you know he's my favourite character from the Lego Movie and I love Lego. You bought me a jigsaw bracelet even though your mum advised against it because you knew I would love it.

You have learned to play ukulele: I don't think it was originally your idea, but you didn't hesitate to give it a go, and you picked it up very quickly. You get better every time I hear you play, and I think it has helped a lot with your singing. You aren't afraid to sit there and play and sing, even when you are in a house surrounded by musical people. I love to hear you sing, and I love that you are willing to sing with me.

You look after me: when I'm busy with revision or not feeling well, or can't walk very well due to injury, you wait on me, and make me dinner without fuss. You just get up and do it.

You believe in me: the amount of times that I have been down on myself over the years is ridiculous, but you never falter in your belief in me. Whether it is to do with my Uni work, performing for glee or trying to get round a parkrun, you are always there to support me. Through all of my depression and anger towards you and myself, you haven't given up on me. You are always still there at the end of the day, and I hope that you will always continue to be.

I love you Superman. Happy Anniversary x

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