Tuesday, 19 May 2015

8 down, 1 TO GO!! May update

The worst of it is over. Today's exam may have been horrendous in terms of being able to answer the questions, mentally and by the fact that I am entirely exhausted, but I only have one exam left then I am done.

I say the worst of it is over because I've just had a stint of 4 exams in 6 days, both times having an afternoon exam followed the next day by a morning exam. I now have a 9 day gap in which to revise for my favourite module, my easiest module, and an exam that is only two hours long, starting in the afternoon. What better exam to end my uni career on hey?

But before then, I am taking a well deserved break. I'm currently on the train to visit the boyfriend in Lampeter. We have a busy couple of days planned, but it will be nice to not have to think about revision for a little while. I am that confident, that I am even going to say right now that I have completed my May challenge of surviving. I am so looking forwards to going home and celebrating!

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