Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Results Day

This Thursday was my A-level results day. The day that would decide my future. I was surprisingly calm the night before, and managed to sleep quite well, when normally I have trouble sleeping when I'm anxious about something. That may have been because I got a phone call from school earlier that day asking me to come in at 9am to talk to the newspaper reporters. It seemed like a good sign.

I was still calm when I woke up on Thursday morning and had a shower. More good signs came when I heard my mum sing "Celebration" really loudly from her room. I had left my UCAS login details with my step-dad so that he could check whether I got into University or not and find out if it was safe for him to go to the results day at the school he works at. From all of these clues, I wasn't too nervous to log into UCAS for myself. Although I wasn't entirely surprised to see confirmation of my place at Warwick (my first choice) I was enormously relieved. It was quite stressful not knowing if I had done well enough in my exams. I wasn't worried about getting an A* in my maths, and I was fairly confident I was going to get an A in further maths, but not as confident about whether I was going to get an A* in it. The exams I was most worried about were business, as I'm a lot more comfortable with numbers than words, and the STEP papers, as they were really hard, and I had no idea how the marking and scoring worked with them.

Knowing that I had already got my place at Warwick made going into college to collect my results a lot easier. My whole family came with me to school so that we could go to Wetherspoons for a celebratory breakfast afterwards. My results showed that I got an A* in maths, an A* in further maths and an A in business. I was so happy! I worked really hard to get those results, and it was nice to see that it paid off. My teachers were really pleased as well. They kept taking pictures of me and my friends, who also did very well. I was also interviewed by the reporter for the local newspaper.

The rest of the day was a lot of talking to friends and relatives about my results. My boyfriend got his AS results as well. He did a lot better than last year with two Cs, but he was disappointed with his History result, so had to go back to school to talk to the head of college. When he came back with the good news that he was allowed to go into his next year, but the slightly less good news of having to wait for them to talk to his History teacher about whether he can carry on with that or not, he also brought me a surprise.

Crazy colourful flowers! He always picks the best flowers for me :)

My sister made a mad celebration dough dinner.

My mum decorated a plainly iced madeira cake to incorporate my name and my results...

...which quickly turned into fraction cake.

A close family friend was visiting, ready for the V festival at the weekend, and made me a lucky mascot out of the champagne (which he very kindly bought for me) cork and a coin. Apparently it's a tradition to put a coin in the cork of a celebration bottle of bubbly to give to the person the celebrations are based around for luck. I've never heard of the tradition, but I like it! I named him Fermat, after a mathematician :)

It was a really good day, and I can't wait to go to Warwick now!

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