Sunday, 6 January 2013

2013: Week 1

The first week of the new year has been a very mixed bag of emotions for me.

On New Year's Eve, it was my younger sister's birthday. She turned 16, so naturally, my 4 year old sister thought it would be appropriate to decorate a white chocolate snowman as a gift. She's so thoughtful. She did end up eating most of it though, as the birthday girl was more interested in the jelly sweet things around it.

I went after-Christmas-shopping with Apollo, Mum and various siblings. I got a cool new chalk board (which yes, it does say ages 3-8 on the box). Apollo bought me some DVDs to take back to Uni with me, and I bought a couple of posters because they were two for a fiver, and I had finally found the Catwoman poster I've been looking for basically since I saw it when The Dark Knight Rises came out in the cinema.

Isn't that just the most beautiful poster you have ever seen? Apollo wasn't so please with his Spiderman poster however...

I think I laughed for 3 days after he unrolled that. Best £5 I've ever spent!

We had a marshmallow, or 'Mashmallow' party as a farewell to me before I went back to Uni. People seemed to enjoy smearing toasted marshmallows on Justin/Spiderman's face rather than eating them. Can't imagine why...

My Step-dad also tried to impersonate the pose. Didn't really work did it?

Then came the time for me to go back to Uni. Mum, my Step-dad and the babies took me back on-route to visiting a friend in Swindon, so me and Apollo got an extra long goodbye when he stayed with me instead of going to Swindon. We built my chalk board up, which then got loads of messages written on it.

Apollo and I spent the rest of the evening, after putting away the tonne of food my parents kindly bought me, watching Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Grahame Norton and finally Juno. In between enjoying spending my last day with him, I kept bursting into tears thinking about him and the rest of my family leaving the next day.

My parents and the babies returned the next day with lunch. After food and a drink, we went back to my room, had a little chat then said goodbye. I cried, again. I hate it when everyone leaves. It's so hard knowing that everyone I love isn't just downstairs, in the next room, or even on the other side of our small town.

I'm going to miss these two munchkins like crazy. And my Mum. And Apollo. And singing with my sister. Instead of all the mad things we do together, I have to think about taking an exam on Wednesday, and trying to survive on my own for four weeks before I can see Apollo again. And trying not to cry all the time because I miss them. I'm not doing a great job of that so far...

I love you guys.

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  1. Love you too Mash - SO much - and I am incredibly proud of you. Good luck with that exam and we will see you soon xxxxx