Sunday, 13 January 2013

2013: Week 2

This week has been all about getting back into Uni life.

 The first few days were spent on solid revision for the exam I had on Wednesday. I found this really hard for a couple of reasons. The more I revised, the more I realised that I didn't really know a lot of the content for one of the modules in the exam. The more I realised this, the more I stressed out about it. The more I stressed out about it, the more I wished I was still at home with my family. The more I sat there missing my family, the more I realised I was wasting precious revision time. It was a vicious cycle. I managed to do a load of revision. I went through two revision guides, and filled half an A4 notebook with notes and exam practise.

So you can imagine that when it got to Wednesday evening, and I could tick off the exam, a huge weight lifted from me, and I began to relax back into my Uni routine.

I even managed to polish off a big plate full of pasta. I was meant to take a picture before I ate it, but I came out of my exam REALLY hungry!

I looked up at my desk and noticed that Pascal seems to look happier than usual. I'm not sure why that is...

I no longer have ducks outside my building in the morning. Instead I have Canada Geese. And let me tell you, they are huge. Quite terrifying really.

My new chalk board has been put to good use already. I actually really love it. It is the coolest thing ever. Makes me feel proper geeky :)

I got woken up at 3.40 this morning by a fire alarm, and had to stand outside in the freezing cold for 10 minutes. In my pyjamas. I was meant to be asleep -.- I did however get to go to archery for the first time since the beginning of last term (oops!) today. I think I'm actually quite good at it, for a beginner anyway. My arm wasn't so convinced though...

It's amazing the damage a piece of string can do! I had fun though, and can't wait to go again next week :)

So that was my week. More pictures and hopefully blog posts next week!


  1. So glad we bought that chalkboard - it looks great with the geeky stuff on it.
    Watch out for the geese. They can be mean. Remember when we dared Joe to lie on the ground at Ellesmere lake with bread on him?
    Great news that you went to archery. Move over Katniss - here comes Taylor!
    I am smiling as big as Pascal :)

  2. How could I ever forget Ellesmere lake? And haha, I don't think I'm as good as Katniss. She probably doesn't have a huge bruise on her arm where the string kept hitting it... XD

  3. What no Lego! boyfriend unhappy :(

  4. I don't have a picture of that! Plus I was still mad at you when I wrote this :P