Wednesday, 18 March 2015

31 Happy Days #15-18

Ok, so I'm really being terrible at this one a day thing.

#15 - watched Big Hero 6 with the boyfriend. It was really cute.
#16 - managed to get my files all backed up and a plan put in place to go to currys to *try* and get a replacement laptop when Liberty comes to visit on Wednesday.
#17 - tidied my room and nearly finished copying up the lecture notes from one of my modules this term. I haven't yet started my proper revision for my exams after Easter, and I thought just finishing this one off would ease me into it a bit. Maybe...
#18 - girly fun times with Liberty! We got our hair cut (about time too, I've not had it done since September 2013...), we bought new clothes for comic con this weekend and I got a really cool pair of skinny jeans covered in green roses. Liberty also made me buy some notebooks and owl post-its to help with revision. Not sure how they will help, but one of them looks like a giant custard cream

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