Tuesday, 31 March 2015

31 Happy Days #24-30

I am sticking with the excuse of not using my computer every day anymore. That counts right?

#24 - helped the boyfriend's hallmates make cakes for an SU presidential campaign. I think I've been put off cake for a while now, but the process was fun.
#25 - had a better time at the boyfriend's singing society than the last time I went. When I went before, he just sort of ran off and left me for the two hours, didn't introduce me to anyone and didn't include me in anything. I was already feeling down and really nervous about going, and I am really terrible at social situations. I actually get heart palpitations, it's really not good. So I may as well have not gone to that session. This time, I was introduced to everyone, and I joined in with the warm ups and very awkwardly filled in some spaces in the dance moves where people were missing. That is quite a big achievement for me because I hate dancing, and it was in front of people I don't know.
#26 - I finally had my physio consultation today. I didn't get lost on the way, and the woman has said that she thinks I have a form of jogger's knee, but the biggest problem is that my hips aren't strong enough to support my knees and they just kind of wobble a lot. I have my next appointment booked, so hopefully I can start to get that sorted soon!
#27 - had a nice time with my mum today going to the Easter service at church with the kid's primary school and then watching the kids in their second swimming lesson. I also threw away a load of stuff from my childhood in preparation for moving onto the next part of my life. Started to come up with an idea of where I can live next year, which is very exciting!
#28 - went to see McBusted with the boyfriend and his sister. The show was absolutely brilliant (they had a flying Delorean and referenced Bill and Ted, a sure fire way to win me over) and I really enjoyed the company.
#29 - impromptu drinks party! Ok I was basically asleep through most of it, but I still had a nice time.
#30 - impromptu gym session! Liberty asked me this morning if I wanted to go to the gym and swimming with her today to see if some exercise would help with the depression I've been feeling recently. As I can't really go running at the moment I thought it would be worth a try. I was more interested in the swimming as that is something I was thinking of trying to do over the summer, but the gym was fun too. I didn't really push myself that hard at the gym, I didn't want to strain my legs too much nor wear myself out too much for swimming. I surprised myself a bit with the swimming. I didn't think I was going to be very good, but I did at least 6 lengths of breast stroke, getting a little bit better each time. My knee doesn't hurt either, so I think it could be good for me.

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