Monday, 23 March 2015

31 Happy Days #20-23

#20 - Spent the day with Liberty again. We played loads of Lego Pirates, started making a dress (don't ask...), and getting ideas for my revision. In the evening, the boyfriend came round from his Uni, and we got Papa John's pizza and played Pandemic. It was fun.

#21 - Today we went to Comic Con in Birmingham. The boyfriend and I have been to this one before, but Liberty had only been to a small on in Stoke-on-Trent. We didn't dress up, although Liberty and I were wearing our newly bought geek outfits including a Terminator t-shirt and Batman shorts (not in the same outfit) and we weren't really interested in getting anything signed or having photos taken with celebrities (I think we only really recognised three people anyway), but we love looking round all the stalls, seeing all the things you can buy and, my favourite, people watching. There are so many people wearing so many different costumes. There were a lot of people dressed as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, but there were also a lot of original costumes. My particular favourite was the group of people dressed as the parents from Rugrats. They were ace. I also bought myself an awesome pocket watch because I've been wanting a watch for ages, and pocket watches are cool.

It was a really good day, despite the massive headache I had.

#22 - had a lovely meal with the family and an awesome time playing our old version of Taboo. Mum is trying to clear out the cupboards, and one of the things to do is play through all our old board games and see which ones are worth keeping. Taboo was a load of fun, but a bit outdated (what e heck is a luncheon voucher?!) so that one got thrown out. Not before we all cried from laughter a few times.

#23 - got some of my revision done today. Think I can start to see how I might be able to be productive with this way of working. It satisfies my love of colour coding things and organising things neatly. And I worked out what I'm going to use all of my notepads and post-it notes that Liberty made me buy.

After dinner I played a couple of games of Whist with the boyfriend and one of his hallmates. That was fun.

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