Friday, 6 March 2015

31 Happy Days #6

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that my new book, Staying Strong by Demi Lovato, had arrived. It is set out so that each day there is a quote, or a meditation or something, and a goal to try and achieve to help you realise that you are a strong person. I have a small dilemma in that I don't know whether to just read it from the beginning, doing one each day, read up to today's date then continue one each day, or just start on today's date and loop back round when it comes to the new year. I have, however, read the introduction and the entry for January 1st.

(I have no idea if you can actually read that or not...) The goal for the day is to come up with your own mantra, something that is yours, that you can look in the mirror and say to yourself each day. I had no idea where to start with that.

In the introduction it says that everyone needs a higher power that they can turn to for comfort. I'm not religious, so I don't want to say God is my higher power. I kind of believe in Karma and just the general power of the universe, but neither of those felt right to me. I talked to my boyfriend about it, and he suggested Logic as my higher power. Although I am a very logical person, I sometimes feel like my logic can make things seem worse, not comforted.

I decided to talk to Ivy about it. I'm not sure why I picked Ivy in particular, maybe because she has absolutely no logic so has a very different way of looking at things than myself and the rest of my sisters. She said that to make a mantra I had to think of something that would make me feel solid. She then added (emotionally not fatty), just to give you an indication of her logic. She asked me what reassures me when I'm down, what comforts me? At the time I was sat on the bus with my headphones in, and I realised that there is something that I can always count on to give me wisdom, or make me feel happy, or sad when I need it. Music. Music is my higher power. And just to prove the point, a song came on at that moment that gave me inspiration for my mantra. I had literally that morning decided to listen to something other than the 80 songs I have on repeat on my obsession playlist, and ended up choosing Lucy Spraggan. Here is the song that started playing at that moment I decided to look for a lyric to be my mantra:

This whole song is basically saying that it doesn't matter what you do, you are already someone and you can be happy with what you have in life. What particularly caught my attention was the last verse before the final choruses.

You may never have another chance 
The stars are in your reach 
You have the power in your hands
It's time now to believe 
You will always have the secret
You will always have the air to breath
Everyday say to yourself this future is for me

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Mum watched X-Factor, and our friend took us to the V-Festival, where Lucy Spraggan (who was on X-Factor that year) was playing. Mum wanted to see her so we went along. I enjoyed her music, and knew mum did, so I bought her the album for Christmas. I decided this morning to listen to something I hadn't heard for a while, and picked that album. Just when I decided music was my higher power, it gave me this song. It all happens for a reason.

So my happy thing for today is that I found something to take comfort in, and I completed the first goal in my new book. My mantra to repeat to myself is:

You have the power in your hands, it's time now to believe. This future is for me.

On another, but no less important note, my boyfriend is currently on his way to spend the weekend with me, so that makes me happy too!

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