Sunday, 13 July 2014

Midweek update

One week in, and I'm already going to have to change my plans. But that is the way of life. If you are busy enough, things change. So here is how I've done so far.

1 - Write story cube story (for Writer's club)
2 - Write up 25 things I like about me post
3 - Write types of numbers post
4 - Read as much of the accountancy book as I can (especially chapter 6)
5 - Finish writing the generic cover letter
6 - Send out the cover letter to at least 2 local companies
7 - Go through the first week of Analysis notes
8 - Run the Dearnford relays
9 - Finish making my chalkboards
10 - Trim the hedge

I've actually only written a first draft of the story cube, but the main thing is done, so I'm counting that. I've also actually started the chalkboards too, but we ran out of time before the weather got too gloomy to paint outside. I am slowly reading some of the accountancy book, but it is kind of heavy going. I did borrow another book, more about how accountancy actually works than how to get a job in accountancy, because the boyfriend's mum said I could have a look at how she does her accounts, and let me have a go (she was very keen to hand it over!)

On Thursday, I went with my family to a race at Dearnford lake. It was a 2 mile relay in teams of three. My running had been suffering recently due to problems with my knee, and after epically failing to do parkrun the Saturday before, I was worried about doing this run. Luckily, the boyfriend's sister was more than willing to run with me, so even though I was going reeeeeally slow (coming 3rd to last and completing it only 2 minutes faster than a 70 year old lady), I did manage to make it round. I had to walk quite a lot, but I made it to a mile before the first bit of walking, so I was very pleased. It has taken until today for my knee to feel normal again, but I have found some leg stretches to hopefully help with my knee problems.

I managed to write my cover letter with the help of Liberty, but I have decided not to send it out, at least not yet. The reason for this is because I am possibly going to be doing some work experience in Portugal at the company my father works for. It is a terrifying thought, but would be really good for me. It would take me right out of my comfort zone, and that is what I need to try and build my confidence. I'm also going to work at the boyfriend's mum's nursery tomorrow and on Thursday, so that should be fun.


  1. Not sure what happened then. Think my comment self destructed.

  2. Just composed another comment to explain previous one and blow me that one self destructed too. I give up