Thursday, 10 July 2014

Weekly Targets 10th July - 15th July

I am going to try an experiment. I really need to stay motivated this summer to be productive and make the most of the time I have over the holidays. The first thing I'm going to try is to publish a weekly list of targets every Wednesday on my blog, and to give a midweek update on my progress at the weekend. There will be different types of targets, designed to help me achieve the different challenges I want to face. Hopefully breaking it down like this, and having it out there on the internet will make me feel more accountable and more likely to stay motivated and productive. Also, it could help me when I go back to Uni to work the best that I can and get a good grade in my final year!

So, here are my targets for this week:

1 - Write story cube story (for Writer's club)
2 - Write up 25 things I like about me post
3 - Write types of numbers post
4 - Read as much of the accountancy book as I can (especially chapter 6)
5 - Finish writing the generic cover letter
6 - Send out the cover letter to at least 2 local companies
7 - Go through the first week of Analysis notes
8 - Run the Dearnford relays
9 - Finish making my chalkboards
10 - Trim the hedge

I know I've already done one of those things, but I'm a little bit late publishing the list! Will update at the weekend :)

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