Sunday, 27 July 2014

Midweek Update

Here is what I've done so far this week:

1 - Write story cube story
2 - Write types of numbers post
3 - Write a post about work experience at nursery
4 - Paint the fence
5 - Work out how to use linkedin and start finding people to contact
6 - Work my way through at least the next chapter of the accountancy book
7 - Go to Festival Drayton and try to arrange some work experience
8 - Perform at open mic night at the Beer Festival
9 - Read at least one chapter of the Bedside Book of Algebra
10 - Go for a bike ride

I have painted the shed, which is a start on the fence (not sure whether the whole fence will get done this week or not, we are rather busy!) I have also started looking at chapter two of the accountancy book. I now know what double-entry bookkeeping means, and have started looking at how to record transactions. It sounds really boring, but I'm actually quite enjoying it. I know what I'm doing for my types of numbers post, and I have a slight idea for my story cube, but I haven't even thought about my work experience post. I realise that I should have done it earlier on in the week, but time just goes by so quickly. I haven't even had time to read! I have no idea when this bike ride will happen either... Maybe tomorrow afternoon, if I have time between shopping with Liberty and catching up on blog posts.

I did manage to go and talk to somebody at Festival Drayton though. I find it really hard to just go and talk to people, especially if I don't really know what I want to ask. But I went. Although they couldn't really help me with work experience particularly, I have said that they can call me if they desperately need someone to wash dishes or to usher for movies, which will throw me in with a load of new people and hopefully build my confidence a bit.

I also performed at the open mic night at the Beer Festival in a local pub that Ivy works at. Liberty and I decided to sing some duets together for some fun this summer, and we love to perform, so the open mic was a good opportunity to get back into singing a little bit. It was ridiculously hot, very crowded and the sound setup wasn't very good, but I had fun just singing with my sisters again (I did a song with Ivy too). Hopefully we will get more opportunities in the future.

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