Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Weekly Targets 23rd July - 29th July

So after the bad start this week, I managed to complete most of my targets. The only ones I missed were finishing the analysis notes, finishing the targets from last week that I didn't manage and the one about linkedin. I have actually joined, but I can't work out how to use it. Now that my stepdad is back from Brighton, I am going to ask him to have a look at it with me, so hopefully I will have more luck with that soon. I did go through some more of my notes, but it has been so warm that I've been finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than trying not to melt and just enjoying the sun. My chalkboards are nearly finished, they just need a couple more coats of paint I think. I would have trimmed the hedge at some point had my stepdad not beaten me to it...

Here are my targets for this week:

1 - Write story cube story
2 - Write types of numbers post
3 - Write a post about work experience at nursery
4 - Paint the fence
5 - Work out how to use linkedin and start finding people to contact
6 - Work my way through at least the next chapter of the accountancy book
7 - Go to Festival Drayton and try to arrange some work experience
8 - Perform at open mic night at the Beer Festival
9 - Read at least one chapter of the Bedside Book of Algebra
10 - Go for a bike ride

As I'm not really sure about how well I've managed time slippage, I am going to set that as my bonus target for the week.

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  1. are you going to post any of your story cube stories? I would love to read them x