Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Weekly Targets 16th July - 22nd July

Of the ten targets I set myself last week, I completed six, I started two, one was changed, then changed back, and sort of done, and only one didn't get started because we didn't find a good moment for it. So I think that was pretty good.

In case you are wondering, I didn't trim the hedge, and the one that got changed was to send out the cover letter to at least 2 local companies. This got changed around because I was meant to be going to Portugal, so there wasn't any point in doing it, but now Portugal isn't happening, so it is relevant again. I went to the Job Centre today, and the lady there gave me some suggestions of who would possibly give me work experience, so I have emailed those (which is why the target was sort of completed).

The two I started were to go through my notes and to finish my chalkboards, which I can hopefully do this week. So my new targets are:

1 - Write story cube story (this is a weekly thing, not the same story or cubes!)
2 - Write types of numbers post (also a weekly thing)
3 - Do my leg stretches every day
4 - Go bowling with the boyfriend
5 - Finish the targets I didn't manage last week
6 - Join linkedin and look for Warwick maths graduates to contact and get information from
7 - Finish the first week of analysis notes and start the second week
8 - Read the first chapter of the accountancy book I got from the Library
9 - Read a chapter of the Bedside Book of Algebra
10 - Try and manage my time slippage

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